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Our Philosophy

Imagine that becoming 100% healthy is similar to building a brick wall, where every brick represents one healing modality that needs to be mastered in order to achieve perfect health. Some of the bricks (modalities) that would form the foundation of the wall are essential components of becoming healthy (e.g. correct breathing).  Once the foundation is there, you will need to use other bricks to continue building the wall.

Just like every brick in the wall supports other bricks, every healing modality you master after you lay the foundation, i.e. after you learn correct breathing techniques, will provide you with an opportunity to further enhance your health and progress towards achieving perfect health. This is what my System of Health called “ABCs of Health” is about - it looks into various healing modalities (e.g. breathing techniques, physical exercises, diets, meditation techniques, etc.), and every such modality is conceptually placed into Physical (body), Mental (mind) and Spiritual (soul) realms.

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