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(Physical Realm)



  • Buteyko Breathing

  • Diet and Cleansing / Detoxification

  • Exercise

You may say – what can be possibly added to this popular topic? Isn’t enough said about it already?


If most of the dietary information that you get comes from commercialised media, it might be a waste of your time and money. Let me ask you a few simple questions:

  • Have you got problems controlling your body weight?

  • What is your body’s main energy source and are you aware of all the energy sources?

  • Do you regard food as the main source of energy?

  • Are you sufficiently tapping into all available energy sources?

  • What water types are out there, and which type is the healthiest one to drink?


I hope that you are intrigued now... I know I was years ago when I started looking into this area. My determination and desire to help others encouraged me to investigate the mysteries of human diet, and I am excited to reveal them to you.

We will be delighted to share with you our knowledge, experience and some of the most crucial insights into the diet, body weight control and energy management. If you struggle to find answers to some of the questions above and need our help, do get in touch to book a session. The first consultation is always free.

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