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(Physical Realm)



  • Buteyko Breathing

  • Diet and Cleansing / Detoxification

  • Exercise

What is cleansing? Do we need to cleanse our body? How can cleansing be done in a safe and efficient manner?


Cleansing (or detoxification) is a process of elimination of pathogens, toxins and contamination from the body.

Let’s imagine for a moment that someone owns a car, but they never service it or take proper care of it, i.e. the oil/air filters and water never get checked, fuel injectors, fuel tank and radiator never get cleaned, etc. How long do you think this car will run without any problems? The obvious answer is not long!


Human body can be compared to a car in the example above. Therefore, it is not unreasonable to assume the necessity of regular body cleansing, provided that our goal is to achieve an average life expectancy (at the very least) without major health issues.

We will be happy to share some amazing methods of body cleansing with you and explain why and how your mind and spirit must be involved in the cleansing process in order to make it safe and efficient. If you are ready to give it a go, do drop us a line – even if you think you already know about cleansing, you might be surprised by what you will discover!

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